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Learn together, ride together, explore together on our family ‘Fun’damentals MTB skills sessions

Teaching your child to ride a bike is probably one of the key moments in any parents life, from a wobbly start and a few tumbles, to getting the confidence to let it roll and feel the flow! It’s a skill that marks the start of adventure on two wheels. Here at trail Advantage we think being on the journey together, parent and child, is not only a fantastic way to share experience and make memories, but also creates a partnership that helps and encourage each other along and build confidence.

Sheffield is known as ‘The Outdoor City’ and has access to built trails and also some great natural riding on the doorstep. I know from experience sometimes as a parent it’s a tricky judgement call to make, whether to let your young riding buddy hoon down a trail or negotiate that rocky line? Obviously every one has different skill levels so understanding and reading the trail and picking appropriate routes is useful knowledge to have. As a coach myself and my sons journey has been slightly easier and he has definitely benefited from some key pointers to make him into a confident rider. Our experience is the inspiration for the Family FUNdamentals skills sessions.

We want your skills and confidence to keep growing when you ride off. So the sessions are also designed to give parents an insight into what to look for to encourage their child’s development on the trail. Riding skills are only one part of the journey; keeping moving and planning your route to adventure are key elements to the MTB life. As part of the course we will be covering basic trail side repairs, including some smart hacks to make sure you have the right tools for the job!

Getting out riding as a family is great, so why not build your skills and knowledge of MTB techniques and skills on our new Family MTB skills session, to make sure your ready for adventure this summer.

If you would like to book a place contact Adam on 07828163159 or email


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